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Welcome to Ridge Road Elementary School!

Ridge Road embraces the responsibility for preparing all students to participate responsibly, intellectually and creatively in school and within society. We are committed to motivating students towards independent thinking and self-initiated goals and giving students the skills to be successful throughout their lives.  We believe it takes the whole learning community, students, parents and staff, working together for the benefit of continuous learning and to create a school environment that promotes academic and social excellence.
 Core Beliefs:
The Philosophy of the North Haven Public Schools is based on the conviction that the dignity and worth of each child is of primary concern and on the belief that the aim of education is to help prepare young people to assume a meaningful and productive role in school and society. To achieve this goal, which is the responsibility shared by the Board of Education, staff, students, parents, and community, we subscribe to the following tenets:
1. We believe that our obligation is to help students mature into independent, reasoning, and responsible individuals who can adapt constructively to an ever-changing, multi-cultured world.
2. We believe we must challenge students and staff to perform at their highest capabilities.
3. We believe that students will best attain these capabilities if their unique needs, interests, strengths, weaknesses, backgrounds, learning styles and range of scholastic and creative abilities are acknowledged.
4. We believe by respecting and developing their unique learning styles and interests, students will exhibit their unlimited potential.
5. We believe effort makes a difference and that students should be provided with opportunities to pursue a rich and rigorous academic curriculum. The curriculum will provide comprehensive programs and a range of instructional strategies to meet the requirements of students with varied backgrounds, abilities, aspirations, and needs, and that this curriculum will be evaluated periodically.
6. We believe students need to develop self-esteem, an appreciation of the worth of others, a joy in learning, and a desire and willingness to achieve a standard of excellence commensurate with their abilities.
7. We believe schools must convey to students the purpose of the educational program and help them to understand they must share responsibility for its success.
8. We believe in developing students’ ability to problem solve, think critically, work collaboratively, express themselves creatively, and communicate effectively.
9. We believe the schools will actively seek community support and involvement through close communication and cooperation.
10. We believe an understanding of and respect for diverse beliefs, cultures, backgrounds, abilities, and perspectives enrich the lives and learning environment for all students.
11. We believe in the appropriate allocation of resources to provide a cohesive, guaranteed, viable and relevant curriculum for all students.
12. We believe in the importance of effective communication and collaboration between families and school personnel to foster a safe and nurturing educational experience.
13. We believe in developing a passion for lifelong learning and in the importance of connecting students to the school community, and world.
14. We believe that our educational aim will best be achieved in an atmosphere of mutual respect, concern and support.
15. We believe that in the final analysis we are all to be accountable for the present and the future success of the North Haven Public Schools.
Vision Statement
As a result of their experiences in the North Haven Public Schools, every student will acquire the skills necessary to meet the demands of the 21st Century.
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Mission Statement

It is the Mission of the North Haven Public Schools in collaboration with students, parents and community to develop responsible, educated and productive global citizens who can thrive in an ever-changing world.

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Notice of Policy of Non-Discrimination

The Board of Education complies with all applicable federal, state and local laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age, disability (including pregnancy), veteran status or gender identity or expression, in any of its educational programs and activities, in employment and application for employment, and in admission and application for admission as required, subject to the conditions and limitations established by law. The Board’s prohibition of discrimination or harassment in its educational programs or activities expressly extends to academic, nonacademic and extracurricular activities, including athletics.
It is also the policy of the Board to provide for the prompt and equitable resolution of complaints alleging any discrimination on the basis of protected characteristics such as race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age, disability (including pregnancy), veteran status or gender identity or expression.
Any student and/or parent/guardian, employee, or third party wishing to file a complaint regarding discrimination may obtain a copy of the Board’s non-discrimination complaint procedures and complaint forms, which are available online by CLICKING HERE or upon request from the main office of any district school. If a complaint involves allegations of discrimination or harassment based on reasons such as gender/sex or disability, such complaints will be handled under other appropriate policies prohibiting sexual harassment/discrimination or disability. Complaints of discrimination and/or harassment may also constitute bullying behavior under the Board’s Bullying Behavior in the Schools Policy.
Any student and/or parent/guardian, employee, or third party also may file a complaint with the Office for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Education (“OCR”):
Office for Civil Rights, Boston Office
U.S. Department of Education
8th Floor
5 Post Office Square
Boston, MA 02109- 3921
(617) 289-0111
Any student and/or parent/guardian, employee, or third party may also file a complaint with the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities:
Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities
450 Columbus Blvd.
Hartford, CT 06103-1835
(800) 477-5737
Anyone who has questions or concerns about the Board’s policy on non-discrimination, or who would like a copy of the Board’s complaint procedures or complaint forms related to claims of discrimination, may contact:
Director of Student Services
Title IX Coordinator, Section 504 Coordinator
5 Linsley Street
North Haven, CT 06473
Retaliation against any individual who complains pursuant to the Board’s policy and regulations is strictly prohibited. The district will take actions necessary to prevent retaliation as a result of filing a complaint.
Full Notice with Legal References
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  • 95% of Teachers Have Advanced Degrees
  • 1:1 Chromebooks Grades 3-12
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