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Welcome to Room 19

Room 19 Updates


We will be starting new units in both Readers and Writers workshop this week.  Our previous units had been on reading and writing nonfiction! Students enjoyed learning all about the strategies we as readers use to read nonfiction texts, including websites, books, and magazines.  The work we did in this unit connected nicely into the project component of Integrated Day, and we will be revisiting many of the ideas we learned in this unit throughout the year.


Our next unit in Readers Workshop is all about the characters that exist in fiction writing. We as readers often fall in love with books, movies, and TV shows because of the characters! Characters actions and words often reveal information the author wants us to know, but does not explicitly tell us. In 2nd and 3rd grade, the books students are reading are less explicit with character feelings and motivations, requiring the reader to inference and pay attention to small details in order to comprehend the text. Once great way you can help at home is to have conversations about characters.  Discuss why characters behave in a certain way, and make predictions about what they will do next based on what you already know about them.


In our writers workshop students will be writing persuasive speeches. They will start by generating ideas about changes they would like to see in their schools and communities. One of the biggest challenges we have with 2nd and 3rd grade writers is the generation of ideas, so any conversations you can have that helps them come up with things they can write about would be very beneficial.

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