Instrumental Music

Welcome to Band!
The program is a fun and exhilarating way to learn how to play an instrument while simultaneously enhancing concentration, self-discipline, teamwork, and self-confidence. I look forward to another great year of music-making and hope your child will be a part of the experience!
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Full Band Rehearsal on Fridays!

Hello Ridge Road Band Parents!
Starting tomorrow, students will need to bring in their instruments for both their regular lesson day AND on Fridays for our full band rehearsals. For some students that may be the same day. So, Please remind your band student to bring in their instrument for their very first band rehearsal!

Band Schedule Change!

Hello Ridge Road Band Families,
You may have heard from your child that their lesson day or time has changed. This is true. I have done a bit of rescheduling to better address the needs of the band students. On Monday, I visited each classroom and went over the changes with the teacher and students. Each teacher was also given a hard copy of the schedule to post in their classroom for the students to see. The list of changes are a little too extensive to list here in this short post but trust your child if they tell you their day has changed.
Please, feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.
Also, I want to thank all of you for your wonderful support at home. So many band students are surpassing even my expectations! I hope that you are enjoying their wonderful progress! They are certainly remembering our motto, "Practice = Progress"! 

Practice = Progress!

Hello Ridge Road Band Families!

I just want to send out a reminder of our motto: Practice = Progress!

Lots of Practice = Lots of Progress. No Practice = No Progress. We have learned a lot in the last two months but we can't take our foot off the gas pedal just yet! Remember, each student is expected to practice their assignment for 75 minutes a week in order to learn and advance. Without adequate practice, students tend to lose skills and slide backward. Any encouragement you can give your child to practice their assignments at home is greatly appreciated. Let's work towards an outstanding concert!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello Ridge Road Band Families!
I wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving and a well deserved day off! 
May your holiday be full of family and fun! I just want to remind you all that if your family is staying close to home, the extended weekend is a perfect chance for your young musician to practice producing their first sounds! This a critical time in band and one where many students can get a little discouraged. They can use a little extra encouragement at home to keep trying and not give up. They will get it!

Time To Get Playing!

Hello Ridge Road Band Families,
Students are actively learning how to make their first sounds in band. It's a very exciting time! Now is the time when students need to begin practicing regularly to be successful at their new endeavor. Remember, practice = progress. A lot of practice = a lot of progress, no practice = _________. 
I think we can all fill in the blank. 
So, how much practice is expected? Students should practice 75 minutes per week. This is an par with just about any other extra curricular activity that requires learning challenging new skills. Each student has received a "practice chart/assessment page" which should be stapled into the front cover of their lesson book. This chart will allow you to see what they are working on and how they are doing in band. Click here and scroll down to see the practice chart assessment page.
The practice chart/assessment page is where they will write down the assignment for the week and keep track of their practicing for each day. A parent should sign the practice chart the night before each lesson (much like reading logs). Classroom rewards are given to students that have their practice charts completed and signed. Remember, the biggest reward is success!
The assessment portion of the page is where you will see how your child is progressing at their instrument. Please, feel free to reach our if you have any questions.
Let's all root for a great performance this year!

Band Update!

Hello Ridge Road Families,
I want to let you al know where we stand as of now. We haven't yet received all of our band room PPE. However, most students have reached a point where they are ready and anxious to start making their first sounds. So, this week I have begun teaching students how to blow into their instruments correctly. This was done spaced out either in the cafeteria or outside exceeding CDC guidelines for playing without bell covers. The students were very excited and grateful. 
Look for a future post about practice expectations and "practice charts/assignment pages". Let the music begin! 

Lesson Update

Hello Ridge Road Band Families,
We are still waiting for our band PPE which means we will have to continue our non-playing lessons. Starting this week, I would like to encourage all students to bring in their instruments for their lesson. The schedule was posted here and a copy is posted in each students' classroom so they know their day and time. For those that have a lesson today, don't worry. I am providing an instrument for hands on experience in assembling and holding the instrument. We will also watch a lesson on how to produce a sound on their instrument. 

Band Schedule

Hello Ridge Road Band Families,
I have completed a preliminary schedule and today I began taking students in their lesson groups for non-playing lessons. Instruments were not required nor expected today but if students would like to bring in their instruments for lessons that occur later this week they may do so. It is a preliminary schedule so there is a possibility that it could change if I find a conflict with building schedules.
The schedule is as follows:
Mondays -       Trombones, 5th Grade Drums in rooms 8 & 10, 4th Grade                               Clarinets in rooms 9 & 10
Wednesdays - 4th Grade Saxophones in rooms 8,9, & 12, All 4th Grade                                 Flutes, 5th Grade Flutes in room 10, All Trumpets
Thursdays -     5th Grade Flutes in rooms 8 & 13, 4th Grade Drums in rooms                           9,10, & 12, 4th Grade Clarinets in rooms 10 & 12, 4th Grade                             Saxophones in rooms 9 & 10 
Fridays -          All 5th Grade Clarinets, 5th Grade Drums in rooms 9,11,&13,                           5th Grade Flutes in room 11, 5th Grade Saxophones in                                     rooms 8,10,11, & 13


Hi Everyone,
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Band Update

Please, make sure your child has their instrument, book, and any other necessary accessories ready to go so they are not without it when we begin.  

The Start of Band

Hello Everyone,
I will announce here when the band lesson schedule is complete and we are ready to begin. We are currently waiting to receive our order of band bell covers and other PPE to prepare our rooms and students for playing safely. Once we receive this order our students will begin making their first sounds.
If our PPE order does not arrive in time for use next week I will attempt to provide the students a non-playing lesson to teach them about safe assembly/dissassembly, how to complete their assignment page and practice logs, the importance of practice, and introduce them to the great beginner video lessons on my teacher page so they can get a head start on playing.
Please, feel free to introduce these videos at home if you children are eager to get started.

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Occasionally I will post important updates here that may include schedule changes and concert dates.