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How the Program Works

All fourth and fifth-grade students are eligible to enroll in band and will need to rent or purchase an instrument to participate. Please, contact me if obtaining an instrument proves to be a difficulty. I have a handful of instruments to lend in such circumstances.
Once enrolled, each student will be placed in a small group of like instruments and will receive a half-hour lesson each week. Eventually, a full band rehearsal will be added to the schedule to prepare for concerts. First-year band students will perform in the spring concert. Second-year students will perform in both the winter and spring. 
Regular, consistent practice is the single biggest determining factor in whether or not a student will succeed. Students will be given assignments to practice at home each week. I suggest approximately 15 minutes of practice a day for 5 days to ensure adequate progress.
Assignment/Assessment Pages with practice logs will be stapled to the inside front cover of their lesson books. This is where students will write in their assignments, where I will assess their progress, and where students should log their practice. These should be completed and signed by a parent/guardian weekly. There are rewards for students with completed Practice Logs that show 75 minutes of practice per week!