Band Schedule

Hello Ridge Road Band Families,
I have completed a preliminary schedule and today I began taking students in their lesson groups for non-playing lessons. Instruments were not required nor expected today but if students would like to bring in their instruments for lessons that occur later this week they may do so. It is a preliminary schedule so there is a possibility that it could change if I find a conflict with building schedules.
The schedule is as follows:
Mondays -       Trombones, 5th Grade Drums in rooms 8 & 10, 4th Grade                               Clarinets in rooms 9 & 10
Wednesdays - 4th Grade Saxophones in rooms 8,9, & 12, All 4th Grade                                 Flutes, 5th Grade Flutes in room 10, All Trumpets
Thursdays -     5th Grade Flutes in rooms 8 & 13, 4th Grade Drums in rooms                           9,10, & 12, 4th Grade Clarinets in rooms 10 & 12, 4th Grade                             Saxophones in rooms 9 & 10 
Fridays -          All 5th Grade Clarinets, 5th Grade Drums in rooms 9,11,&13,                           5th Grade Flutes in room 11, 5th Grade Saxophones in                                     rooms 8,10,11, & 13