Time To Get Playing!

Hello Ridge Road Band Families,
Students are actively learning how to make their first sounds in band. It's a very exciting time! Now is the time when students need to begin practicing regularly to be successful at their new endeavor. Remember, practice = progress. A lot of practice = a lot of progress, no practice = _________. 
I think we can all fill in the blank. 
So, how much practice is expected? Students should practice 75 minutes per week. This is an par with just about any other extra curricular activity that requires learning challenging new skills. Each student has received a "practice chart/assessment page" which should be stapled into the front cover of their lesson book. This chart will allow you to see what they are working on and how they are doing in band. Click here and scroll down to see the practice chart assessment page.
The practice chart/assessment page is where they will write down the assignment for the week and keep track of their practicing for each day. A parent should sign the practice chart the night before each lesson (much like reading logs). Classroom rewards are given to students that have their practice charts completed and signed. Remember, the biggest reward is success!
The assessment portion of the page is where you will see how your child is progressing at their instrument. Please, feel free to reach our if you have any questions.
Let's all root for a great performance this year!