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Fun and Helpful Links

Destiny Online Library Catalog
You can find out what we have in our Ridge Road Library using our Destiny online library catalog!
Mr. Mayo's Guide to Research and Resources
Click the link below to find a Google Document that I created with links/passwords/information to a variety of resources available to our students at Ridge Road.  I have highlighted a few below - but check out the link for all of our fun stuff!

PebbleGo is a pre-K to grade 3 database for reading and research. PebbleGo includes built-in reading and research tools for emerging readers. Leveled text, educational games, and multimedia help teach concepts to our youngest researchers.
PebbleGo offers four separate databases:
  1. PebbleGo Animals
  2. PebbleGo Science
  3. PebbleGo Biographies
  4. PebbleGo Social Studies
Databases are simple to navigate and offer read-along audio and word-by-word audio.
Online username: ridgeroad1
Password: school
World Book Online
Online Encylopedia featuring World Book Kids and World Book Student. A great resource for Ridge Road students to navigate.
Online User name: nhbook
Password is: barn

Works Cited
CLICK HERE for Works Cited Guide
Big 6 Research
The Big6 Research site is a six-stage model to help anyone solve problems or make decisions by using information.
Using the Big6 information literacy process, you will:
  • Identify the task - What type of information do I need?
  • Look for Sources - What are my possible sources? Which are the best?
  • Locate and Access Information - Where is each source ? Where is the information in each source?
  • Use of Information - How can I best use each source? What information in each source is useful?
  • Synthesis - How can I organize my information? How can I present the result?
  • Evaluation - Is the task completed? How can I do things better?